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Feb 09

Ultimate Force Centrifuge

Ultimate Force Centrifuge w/ 1500 Watt Inline Heater Ultimate Force Centrifuge w/1500 Watt Inline Heater Pressurized System.   If you're doing... Learn more

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Sep 06

Ultimate Force Centrifuge Coming Soon

We are bringing our own single pass/ direct drive style unit to market in a few days. After what has seemed like an eternity we are ready to... Learn more

May 15

Today in Centrifuge

Centrifuge for Dummies has always tried to bring the novice and more experienced user informational and instructional videos.  With the... Learn more


  • I would like to thank you for great customer service.  I can't express my gratitude enough.  Your customer service is the kind America had 50 years ago!!!

    - W.D. Keyes - Elkhart, IL

  • Thanks for spending your time with me today on the phone; I am very excited to use your centrifuge.  I have been using motor oil and wvo for years and I wish I would have found you earlier!  Thanks again.

    - Joe Y. - Colorado Springs, CO

  • Thanks very much guys! Your customer service is the best and the quality of your products is excellent. It is a rare pleasure to deal with real people in today's business environment.

    - T.James - Rosebud, MT

Brought to you by Pa Biodiesel Supply

Hello and welcome to Centrifuge for Dummies. After viewing our oil centrifuge videos you’ll understand how simple the oil centrifuge is to operate. You’ll be able to clean and dewater your oil with a centrifuge.  Oils that can be used as fuel are waste vegetable oil (wvo) , waste motor oil (wmo), transmission fluid, and hydraulic oil  to name a few.

The easiest, most efficient and cost effective way to filter your oil is a centrifuge. The oil centrifuge is a simple piece of equipment that has the capacity to filter your oil to below one half micron.  There isn’t a filter in existence that can clean and dewater as well as a centrifuge. 

Our videos will familiarize you with all the basic information for oil centrifuge use and walk you through the steps to build a centrifuge filtration unit. After viewing these videos, you should have a good understanding of the centrifuge and its operation.